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Welcome to the Shroud of Turin Website Store. Here you will find a variety of Shroud of Turin materials available from a number of different sources. Note that items from the Barrie M. Schwortz Collection can be purchased directly from this website using a credit card. On January 1, 2010, the ownership of this collection was formally transferred to the Shroud of Turin Education and Research Association, Inc. (STERA, Inc.) and all proceeds from the sale of these items go directly to STERA, Inc. to support the server and bandwidth charges of this website and further the goals of the organization. Please visit the STERA, Inc. Home Page for more information.

Each item from the Barrie M. Schwortz collection includes a link to the "Secure Order Form" where you can safely place your credit card order via a 256 bit encrypted Secure Server. You may also go directly to the order form at any time by clicking on the graphic in the top right corner of this page. If you are unable to access the "Secure Order Form" or do not wish to send your credit card information over the Internet, see the "Alternate Order Form" for detailed instructions on telephoning or mailing your credit card order. Payments by check or money order will take longer to process and ship. If you decide to pay by check, please make check payable to STERA, Inc.. All items listed that are available from other sources include their own specific ordering instructions. The Shroud of Turin Website assumes no responsibility for these outside vendors and provides the information solely as a convenience to its viewers.


The following items are available directly from the Barrie M. Schwortz Collection and this website (order via the Secure Order Form using your credit card).

The following items are available directly from other sources:

New Lifesize Face Available

As any of you know who have ever visited one of the many Shroud Centers around the world that display our lifesize, backlit DuraTrans transparencies, these particular images of the Shroud are the most detailed and breathtaking available. They are currently displayed at Shroud Centers in Richmond, Virginia; Stockton, California; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Fountain Valley, California and Hanceville, Alabama, to name only a few. They were also integral elements in the International Shroud Exhibit that was displayed in Auckland, New Zealand and the Mall of Asia in Manila, the Philippines several years ago.

One of the main reasons for the popularity of the backlit DuraTrans transparency images is that they have a 400% greater dynamic range than a normal photographic print, and consequently, allow the viewer to see dramatically more depth and detail in the image. This makes for an excellent experience for the visitors to the various Shroud centers, but there was never a simple way to make these available directly to individuals. In the past, we could provide the custom made transparencies, but the purchaser then had to construct (or have constructed) a custom lightbox that would provide even backlighting for proper display of the transparency. This was always a costly and difficult proposition, since the lightboxes had to be rather deep and large to be effective. But that was then, and this is now!

Technology has finally caught up with the need, thanks to a Ph.D. optical physicist named Ed Sinofsky. Ed mastered fiber optics while working within the medical profession and then applied his knowledge to the creation of a new product, PhotoGlow® Frames with his company, PhotoGlow®. These have the outward appearance of standard photographic frames (they are only 13/16" thick, with a 2" black matte, solid metal frame and non-glare PlexiGlas), but they include a patented, truly innovative, integrated LED backlighting system with a dimmer that allows you to control the brightness of the extremely even display. In fact, once you unpack the frame, you simply attach your own hanging wire, hang it up and plug it in.

We originally selected two different high resolution digital files of the Shroud and had custom DuraTrans transparencies made of each. These then went to Ed's factory, where they were mounted in custom made PhotoGlow® frames. The results were nothing short of spectacular and I realized that I could finally make these amazing images available to the public. And that is what you will find when you scroll down the page. Of course, now my biggest frustration is that the photographs I am including below do not even come close to capturing the effect of seeing one of the actual backlit transparencies with your own eyes!

UPDATE: Larger Face Now Available - Over the past few years many people have asked us for an even larger version of the face, one that was closer to lifesize. In an effort to listen to our viewers and provide them with the best Shroud materials possible, we are pleased to now offer a Lifesize 16" x 20" Large Face DuraTrans transparency in 20" x 24" PhotoGlow Frame. You will find a side by side photo below comparing the two different available sizes.

Backlit DuraTrans Transparency of the Ventral Shroud Image in a PhotoGlow® Frame
(10" x 20" Backlit Image in a 14" x 24" x 13/16" Black Frame and Matte)
Ventral Image Temporarily Out of Stock

These custom made DuraTrans Transparencies in PhotoGlow® Frames are currently only available in the U.S. and Canada (due to the power requirements of the backlighting system). These are exactly the same transparencies as those that appear at Shroud Centers around the world, only smaller. Each is delivered in a custom built PhotoGlow® Frame only 13/16" thick, and is ready to hang once you add your own wire to the frame back. The backlighting system operates using a thin, light colored 15' power cable attached to a small transformer at the plug end. You simply hang it up and plug it in! And each frame is equipped with an inline dimmer that allows you to adjust and control the brightness of the backlight display. I think you will find these as amazing as I do!

The Shroud Ventral Image (shown above) is available for US$400.00 plus $15.00 for FedEx Ground shipping or a total of US$415.00. The smaller Shroud Face Image (shown below) is available for US$240.00 plus $15.00 for FedEx Ground shipping, or a total of US$255.00. The new Lifesize Shroud Face Image (shown in the comparison photograph below) is available for US$470.00 plus $17.00 for FedEx Ground shipping, or a total of US$487.00. These are not mass produced but custom made on an order by order basis and are shipped to you directly from PhotoGlow®.

You may order this item directly from this website using your credit card via our "Secure Order Form." If you are unable to access the "Secure Order Form" or do not wish to send your credit card information over the Internet, see the "Alternate Order Form" for detailed instructions on telephoning or mailing your credit card order.

Backlit DuraTrans Transparency of the Small Shroud Face in a PhotoGlow® Frame
(7.5" x 9.5" Backlit Image in a 11" x 14" x 13/16" Black Frame and Matte)

Size Comparison of Large and Small Backlit DuraTrans Transparencies of the Shroud Face in PhotoGlow® Frames
(Large Face at Left: 16" x 20" Backlit Image in a 20" x 24" x 13/16" Black Frame and Matte)
The lifesize Large Face (left) is about 400% larger than the Small Face.
Large Face Temporarily Out of Stock


"Miniature Shroud Replica" on Cotton (Image Approx. 40" x 10")

In early 2005, I had a lifesize replica of the Shroud of Turin created on cotton canvas by professional fine art printer Steve Ouimet in Glendale, California (see Lifesize Replica on Cotton Canvas below for details). It was produced from high resolution digital drum scans of my original 1978 4" x 5" transparencies. This lifesize replica on cotton became the centerpiece of an International Shroud Exhibit, first presented in Auckland, New Zealand, in May of 2005 and in Manila, the Philippines, in 2007. (You can read about and see photographs of the Auckland exhibit on the 2005 Website News page). During the five months in which Steve and I tested various cloth materials and carefully adjusted the color and density of the image, we also made countless test prints of various portions of the Shroud. At one point in the process, we reduced the image size and printed the entire Shroud across the 42" width of the cloth.

Two samples of this "miniature" replica have been in my personal collection since that time and whenever I showed them to fellow sindonologists, they all wanted to have one. So I am very pleased that we can now make them available to everyone. Please note that the photo above of one of the actual miniature replicas does not really capture the true quality of the image. The highly detailed image is printed with a wide platen professional inkjet printer onto special cotton canvas material (the same as used for the Lifesize Replica) using archival dyes for long life. The image itself is approximately 40" x 10" with a white border making it suitable for (custom) framing. Each print is hand signed by the photographer in the lower right hand corner. This is identical to the lifesize New Zealand/Manila replica in every way except size.

The price for each rolled canvas miniature is US$150.00, which includes USPS Priority Mail shipping & handling in the continental United States. For International shipping, please add US$15.00 for a total of US$165.00. Allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.

You may order this item directly from this website using your credit card via our "Secure Order Form." If you are unable to access the "Secure Order Form" or do not wish to send your credit card information over the Internet, see the "Alternate Order Form" for detailed instructions on telephoning or mailing your credit card order.


"Framed Miniature Shroud Replica" (Approx. 43" x 12" overall) - Click on the image for more information or to order.

In the year since I began offering the rolled canvas Miniature Shroud Replicas on this website, I received many wonderful letters and digital photos from those of you who purchased them, sharing your framed versions with me. I was thrilled to see the variety of results but quickly realized that in many cases, the cost of purchasing custom frames was much more than the price of the replica itself. Unfortunately, I had no way to offer a framed version myself. This added another layer of cost and complexity for those who purchased the rolled canvas prints, since you first had to find a custom framer and then purchase a costly frame before displaying the print. That is why I am very pleased to announce an association with James Alsop and to offer the framed version you see above.

Holy Art Works specializes in custom fine art framing and officially distributes a number of different religious artworks, including Our Lady of Guadalupe, Ecce Homo and the Restored Vilnius Divine Mercy, so adding a Shroud image to their offerings is very appropriate. With that in mind, they have created a truly beautiful custom wooden frame for the Miniature Replica and are offering the framed version exclusively on their website. The cotton canvas replica is stretched and mounted in the exact same manner as a fine art canvas painting (even the back of the print is finished), making for the beautiful presentation you see above, and of course, each is still hand signed. The framed canvas is carefully packed and shipped in a heavy duty corrugated cardboard container and is ready to hang as soon as it is removed from the box. Simply click on the photo above or click the following link to visit the Shroud page on where you can order the framed version. Of course, unframed rolled canvas versions are still available directly from this website (see above).


Barrie M. Schwortz Collection Shroud Lithographic Poster - Approx. 24" x 17" (A2) - Quantities are limited!

In May 2005, a new and comprehensive photographic exhibit titled, "The Science and History of the Shroud of Turin" opened in Auckland, New Zealand. In support of this exhibit, which included more than 80 of our photographs, we produced a new high quality lithographic poster with beautiful natural color and black & white negative views of the Shroud. Great care was taken to reproduce the images with excellent resolution and color accuracy and the design was intentionally kept simple (without typography) to permit larger image sizes. We are very proud to offer this poster here with the other Barrie M. Schwortz Collection materals available exclusively from the Shroud of Turin Website Store.

Carefully printed onto a heavy weight, matte surface, coated stock using special non-fingerprinting inks, the poster is approximately 24" x 17" (A2) and each is personally hand signed by the photographer. They are priced at US$35.00 each, which includes USPS Priority Mail shipping & handling in the continental United States, and are shipped in a strong 3" x 3" x 18" square cardboard tube to assure they arrive in excellent condition. Overseas orders please add US$10.00 for a total of US$45.00 each. Allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.

You may order this item directly from this website using your credit card via our "Secure Order Form." If you are unable to access the "Secure Order Form" or do not wish to send your credit card information over the Internet, see the "Alternate Order Form" for detailed instructions on telephoning or mailing your credit card order.


"Ray Rogers In His Own Words" DVD Video

On Thursday evening, September 8, 2005, at the 3rd International Dallas Shroud Conference, I premiered a 30 minute video program titled, "Ray Rogers In His Own Words." The program is edited from more than 5½ hours of on-camera interviews I conducted in May 2004 with the late Ray Rogers at his home in Los Alamos, New Mexico. In the program, Ray reviews the details of his January 2005 Thermochimica Acta paper that proved the 1988 c14 dating of the Shroud used an anomalous sample. He also shares the fascinating story of what inspired him to complete the research that sadly became his final work on the Shroud. I have also incorporated many of Ray's photomicrographs into the program, so viewers will see the exact images he referred to during the interview. Ray also discusses the 2002 restoration of the Shroud, the future of Shroud research and makes several important recommendations that he considered critical for any future study of the cloth. He concludes with a revealing, personal assessment of what he believed about the Shroud of Turin. Considering that Ray Rogers never gave an on-camera interview in the past, this program provides a truly rare opportunity to see and hear one of the most important Shroud researchers of the past 30 years "in his own words."

I am pleased to now make this program available to everyone. It is produced in a universal, non-regionalized DVD format that will play properly on both NTSC and PAL systems and is delivered in professional packaging that includes a Chapter Menu with the questions Ray answered so you can select specific portions of the program to view. The DVDs are priced at US$35.00 each, which includes USPS Priority Mail shipping & handling in the continental United States. Overseas orders please add US$10.00 for a total of US$45.00 each. Allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.

You may order this item directly from this website using your credit card via our "Secure Order Form." If you are unable to access the "Secure Order Form" or do not wish to send your credit card information over the Internet, see the "Alternate Order Form" for detailed instructions on telephoning or mailing your credit card order.


Includes 35 WMV Video files on 2 DVD's

On August 14-17, 2008, the Columbus International Conference, titled "The Shroud of Turin - Perspectives on a Multifaceted Enigma," was held at the Blackwell Hotel at Ohio State University. Organized by Joe Marino and Sue Benford and sponsored by the Shroud Science Internet Group, the conference was dedicated to the late Raymond Rogers, STURP chemist, and his important contributions to Shroud research, and in part to commemorate the 30th anniversary of STURP's 1978 scientific examination of the Shroud and the 20th anniversary of the ill-fated radiocarbon dating in 1988. The conference attracted more than 85 attendees from Australia, Canada, France, Israel, Italy, Japan, Panama, Spain and the United States and included around 40 presentations and open forum discussions. You can read more about the conference itself on the 2008 Ohio Conference page of this site.

One of the main presenters at the conference and a prominent member of the Shroud Science Internet Group, Prof. Giulio Fanti took up the difficult task of editing and compiling a printed Proceedings of the event. And the result is truly spectacular. The 8 1/8" x 11½" (20.7 cm x 29.2 cm) paperback book contains 478 pages and includes all the papers presented at the conference, hundreds of photographs, program notes and additional information and weighs over 2 pounds (1 kilogram)! As an added bonus, Giulio compiled the videos produced by Russell Breault during the conference (originally posted online at Russ' website) and included them on TWO DVD-ROMs that are provided as a bonus with the printed proceedings.

Even more graciously, Giulio had donated a number of the books to STERA, Inc. so that we could make them available for sale on this website. However, we have SOLD OUT our limited supply. You can still order the books directly from Europe at this link: Shroud of Turin Perspectives.


The Peter J. Shield Interviews - 2 Disc CD Audio Set

Peter J. Shield hosted his popular World of Unexplained Mysteries program on radio and television in Sydney, Australia for over 20 years. In 1987, for one of his radio programs, he conducted a series of remarkable Shroud interviews with members of the STURP team that carried out the 1978 scientific investigation of the Shroud of Turin. The program included interviews with Rex Morgan, Ian Wilson, Walter McCrone, Vernon Miller, Dr. Alan Adler and Fr. Peter Rinaldi and was produced just months before the now infamous carbon dating of the Shroud.

In 1992 Peter moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, and now broadcasts his World of Unexplained Mysteries program weekly on radio station KLAV1230am, "The Talk of Las Vegas" and around the world on the Internet through the facilities of And that is how I met him. In July 2001, 14 years after recording the original STURP interviews, Peter decided to rebroadcast the original tapes for his current audience.

In researching his program, he came across, got in touch with me by telephone and invited me to appear on his program the following week to help bring his listeners up to date on what has happened in the Shroud world since the original interviews. He was kind enough to send me an advance copy of the 1987 interview tape and I was immediately overwhelmed at the wonderful historical document I held in my hand.

After the program, we again talked about the 1987 interview tapes, which I was anxious to archive and share with the Shroud world. Many of the participants rarely gave interviews, so several of these are very rare indeed. Peter immediately and graciously agreed to let me digitally remaster the programs and release them all on CD Audio, so here they are. I hope you enjoy them and find them as fascinating as I did.

Barrie Schwortz

Peter's website address is

The Peter J. Shield Interviews 2 Disc CD Audio Set includes nearly 2 ½ hours of interviews and is now available for only US$30.00, which includes USPS Priority Mail shipping & handling in the continental United States. Overseas orders please add US$10.00 for a total of US$40.00 each. Allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.

You may order this item directly from this website using your credit card via our "Secure Order Form." If you are unable to access the "Secure Order Form" or do not wish to send your credit card information over the Internet, see the "Alternate Order Form" for detailed instructions on telephoning or mailing your credit card order.


Backlit DuraTrans Transparencies (left) and Frontlit DuraFlex Prints (right)
Photos Courtesy Bryan Walsh (left) and Wendee Lynch (right)
Lifesize Images Temporarily Not Available

Over the years I received many inquiries as to the availability of lifesize photographic prints of the Shroud. These requests usually came from organizations that operate Shroud centers, individuals who lecture on the subject or Shroud researchers. To fill these requests, I offered custom photographic prints made directly from my original 4" x 5" color negatives in lifesize and half-lifesize configurations. Today, these photographic prints and backlit color transparencies of the Shroud are on display in centers around the world, including the Turin Shroud Center of Colorado, the Shroud Center of Southern California, the Richmond Shroud Center, the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Hanceville, Alabama (see photo above left), the Moscow Shroud Center in Russia, and in exhibits in Canada, France, England, Iraq, Japan, Malta and Spain. Sadly, after ten years of producing these prints for me, the laboratory that made them closed its doors in April 2002. Consequently, the prints were unavailable for several years.

Fortunately, we now have a reliable source (and a more modern method) to make these lifesize images available again. These new photographic prints are produced directly from the highest resolution digital scans made from my original negatives using Digital Light-Jet technology. Instead of projecting a negative onto a light sensitive photographic medium using an enlarger in the darkroom, the digital file is projected onto the exact same photographic medium, but this time using a digital laser imaging system known as a Lambda printer. This new technology results in true photographic prints that are actually sharper than their analog counterparts. These are NOT inkjet prints but true photographic prints and the results are nothing short of spectacular in their sharpness, detail and longevity. The Shroud image is provided in two separate sections, one of the dorsal half and one of the ventral half. Although they are often displayed vertically, side by side, there is sufficient overlap in the images to allow them to be accurately spliced together (professionally) to form the entire Shroud. Lifesize configuration is furnished in two 48" x 96" sections. Half-lifesize configuration is furnished in two 30" x 50" sections. Approximate image sizes are 42" wide x 88" long on the lifesize prints and 21" wide by 44" long on the half lifesize prints. Each is printed centered on a white background which you can either keep or crop as desired. All images are also available in single sections (i.e. ventral only or dorsal only) and do not need to be purchased in sets.

The images are available in positive or negative views of the Shroud, in color or black & white, from either my transmitted or reflected light photographs. You can order Duratrans transparencies (for backlit display in permanent installations that will require the construction of a light box for proper viewing - we will provide you with a set of plans - see photo above left) or Duraflex prints (for viewing with normal front lighting - see photo above right). These are all printed onto a strong, flexible 7 mil polyester plastic base that can be framed or mounted for permanent display or rolled and stored in a tube for transporting from site to site.

These photographs are available on a custom order basis only and include a license granting permission for their public display. No other reproduction rights are granted or implied. Please send an e-mail or call for detailed information. Since a number of options are available that must be discussed in detail, a telephone call is preferred if possible.

Barrie Schwortz
Shroud of Turin Website
1094 Highland Meadows Drive
Florissant, CO 80816, U.S.A.
Phone: 719-689-2217
Phone Orders: between 12:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. MST


Lifesize Shroud Replica on Cotton Canvas
Centerpiece of the 2005 International Shroud Exhibit, Auckland, New Zealand

I am pleased to announce that we can now make available to the general public, on a custom order basis, a Lifesize Shroud Replica on cotton canvas. (The first replica was produced specifically as the centerpiece of a Shroud Exhibit in New Zealand in 2005). This full size cloth replica is produced from the highest resolution digital scans ever made from my original 4" x 5" color transparencies. I worked closely with Steve Ouimet, noted fine art printer in Glendale, California, and we fine tuned the choice of material, the color and the density of the image to yield the greatest detail and the most accurate rendition possible of the Shroud. The replica is custom printed on a wide platen professional inkjet printer using archival dyes and reproduces every detail of the Shroud and its image. In fact, one can clearly distinguish the subtle differences in color between the bloodstains, scorches and image areas. (NOTE: In the above photograph, taken at the Auckland, New Zealand Shroud exhibition in 2005, the replica was displayed on a stylized version of the support table used by the STURP team during its examination of the Shroud in 1978. The red border seen around the Shroud is NOT part of the replica).

This 14½ foot replica is ideal for Shroud Centers, lecturers, church organizations or individuals that wish to own and display a definitive replica of the Shroud of Turin as it appeared prior to its 2002 restoration. It is printed onto a finely woven cotton duck material that can be framed or mounted for permanent display, or rolled and stored in a tube for transporting and storage. You can see how Russ Breault, another Shroud lecturer (and member of STERA, Inc.'s board of directors) uses and displays one of our replicas at this link:

The replicas are available on a custom order basis only and include a license granting permission for their public display. No other reproduction rights are granted or implied. Please send an e-mail or call for detailed information. Since a number of options must be discussed, a telephone call is preferred prior to ordering.

Barrie Schwortz
Shroud of Turin Website
1094 Highland Meadows Drive
Florissant, CO 80816, U.S.A.
Phone: 719-689-2217
Phone Orders: between 12:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. MST

The following items are available directly from other sources:


Many of the videos included below are available directly online. Wherever possible, I have provided ordering information or direct internet links to the appropriate order page. Please note that most videos listed here are generally NTSC versions available for U.S. and Canadian purchasers only (Region 1).

He is the Image of the Invisible God: The Shroud of Turin - June 2010 - 35 minutes - Available online for purchase via a French language website at this link:

This 35 minute video program was produced this year by the Chemin Neuf Community and the International Ecumenical Fraternity (in France) called: "He is the Image of the Invisible God: The Shroud of Turin." It is available on a single DVD that gives you a choice of viewing the program in 16 different languages and includes interviews with Thibault Heimburger, Ed Prior, Barrie Schwortz, Sebastian Cataldo and several others. It covers many aspects of the Shroud, the 2010 exhibition, and issues of faith and science.

You can view a free online streaming version of the entire 35 minute program in your choice of 16 languages at this link:

You can also contact the Net For God organization directly at this address:

Secretariat Net For God
Communaute du Chemin Neuf
59 Montee du Chemin Neuf
69005 Lyon, France
Tel: +33(0)4 78 15 07 93, +33(0)6 08 89 17 37
Fax: +33(0)4 78 15 07 97
Skype: netforgod

The Real Face of Jesus? DVD - March 2010 - 1 hour 40 minutes - SORRY. NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM THE HISTORY CHANNEL - Try searching on Amazon or Google.

Taken directly from the original History Channel website description of the DVD:

Join HISTORY in this two-hour television event, as the Shroud of Turin is put on public display for the first time in 10 years. New data reveals more than just a flat image embedded in the ancient cloth, but an astonishing, three-dimensional, sculpture-like figure.

Using the principles of physics, cutting-edge digital technology, and the revolutionary CGI process pioneered in Stealing Lincoln's Body, HISTORY brings that image to life, unveiling the most accurate representation ever seen of what many believe to be Jesus Christ. Don't miss this startling, life-like composite of what could be the most accurate depiction of Jesus Christ ever formed, as HISTORY unlocks the Shroud of Turin's greatest mysteries.

This program was such a success it was nominated for an Emmy award in the NONFICTION SPECIALS category.

Shroud - Passio Christi - Passio Hominis DVD - March 2010 - 47 minutes - Available directly from the producer, David Rolfe, at this link:

This is the official DVD program commissioned by the Turin Center for exclusive distribution during this year's public exhibition of the Shroud. The program, produced by David Rolfe, who brought us the BAFTA award winning Silent Witness program in 1978 (the first Shroud documentary), offers viewers a choice of six different languages and is available directly from his website at the above link.

In David's brief summation of the program he writes:
"...this film paints the broad picture of the Shroud's history and the case for its authenticity. Using some unique 3D reconstructions it is not afraid to point out the religious significance for our 3D age. The narration builds to a poetic conclusion."

Unwrapping The Shroud DVD (includes the DaVinci Shroud) - December 2009 - 2 Programs on 1 DVD - 1 hour 26 minutes - Copies are still available via at this link:

The following is taken from the original Discovery Channel website description of the DVD:

Unwrapping the Shroud: It is one of the most controversial relics in all Christendom. Some believe it to be a physical link to Jesus of Nazareth - his crucified image imprinted onto a 1st Century linen cloth. For others, it is nothing more than an elaborate medieval forgery. For centuries, people have argued about the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin. In 1988, the definitive scientific verdict on the Shroud was announced: a radiocarbon dating concluded the Shroud of Turin was a 700-year-old medieval hoax. But today, new scientific findings pose the first substantive challenge to the 1988 radiocarbon dating. If these findings prove to be accurate, then the age and authenticity of the Shroud of Turin will, once again, be open to debate.

The DaVinci Shroud: The Turin Shroud is the world's most famous and mysterious religious relic. Believers think it once wrapped the tortured and crucified body of Jesus Christ, but in the 1970's it was revealed as a medieval fake. Who made the image on the shroud has baffled scientists for decades, but now a controversial theory says it could be the work of master artist Leonardo Da Vinci. Did Da Vinci fake the Turin Shroud, and how did he pull off the hoax of the millenium?

Shroud - 2005 Produced by Nova-T under the auspices of the Archdiocese of Turin, this 160 minute DVD is available in the U.S.A. from Janson Media for $24.95, CATALOG #: 20311, UPC #: 6-4603203119-5, ISBN #: 1-56839-261-3. You can order copies directly from the Janson Media website at or from this link at The following is taken from their website description of the program:

There is evidence that the Shroud, venerated in France as early as 1350, is the Shroud we see today preserved in Turin, Italy. This DVD takes the historical high ground as it presents the places, the written evidence, the changes of ownership, the various expositions and the first 1898 photograph that changed everything and brought the Holy Shroud into the realm of modern science and to worldwide attention for the very first time.

This DVD is the most authentic and definitive DVD yet produced on the Holy Shroud. It reports on the first examinations of the fabric and the imprint left on it by the body of a dead man who had been tortured and crucified. It describes the discovery of red blood cells and pollen traces, carbon-14 dating, and computerized image processing.

The DVD features a one-hour documentary film, The Man of Pain, which was the Official Documentary of the 1998 Holy Shroud Exposition Committee and was granted the right to use the Vatican's Jubilee 2000 logo. It is the only documentary yet made to present High Definition (HDTV) footage of the private exposition which took place on June 25, 1997 and the only documentary to be filmed since the fire that badly damaged Guarini's Chapel.

This film was made with the assistance of experts from the Archdiocese of Turin, and includes footage shot in Jerusalem, the church of St. Catherine of Sinai, Edessa, Istanbul, Lirey, St. Hyppolyte, and Chambery. Scientific consultants to the project included Pierluigi Baima Bollone, Nello Balossino, Giuseppe Ghiberti, Silvano Scannerini, and Giuseppe Terzuolo.

The Shroud DVD features 160 minutes of total content, in five language versions: Italian, English, French, German and Spanish. In addition to the film Man of Pain, extra features include The 1998 Restoration History, The 2002 Restoration History, Iconographic Routes, Backstage at the Filming, Extra Interviews, An Interactive Map of Shroud History, and the short films, The Guarini Chapel and The Face of Christ.

The Wonder of the Shroud - 2004 - In the June 2004 issue (#59) of the British Society for the Turin Shroud Newsletter, Ian Wilson, in an article titled, Back to Basics: The Shroud and Father Martin Haigh, reviewed "The Wonder of the Shroud," a then recently completed video on the Shroud of Turin. The program was produced in the U.K. by David Brindley of Swanrose Productions and hosted by Father Martin Haigh, OSB. Father Haigh has lectured on the Shroud in England for nearly five decades and brings his own unique approach to the subject. As Ian stated in his review,

"For anyone wanting a comprehensive overview of the current state of international researches into, and arguments over, the Shroud, ‘The Wonder of the Shroud’ can only disappoint. But that was never ever Fr. Martin’s intention. Instead his presentation is directed steadfastly to the altogether more central and important issues of how the Shroud illustrates and complements the gospels, the utterly extraordinary wonder of its image, and what it means to all of us. He delivers on his promise that he will not ‘preach’ the Shroud, but will let it speak for itself – to our own individual minds. As such his video is a profoundly spiritual and visual ‘tour de force’ and a positive ‘must’ for everyone with a serious interest in the subject."

To preview video clips from the program and read a detailed description, or to order VHS or DVD copies directly from the producer, visit David Brindley has just completed the latest NTSC version of the DVD for North American viewers, so the DVD is now available in both PAL and NTSC formats.

In Pursuit of the Shroud - 1998, produced and Directed by Reuben Aaronson, award winning film maker with many National Geographic specials to his credit, aired on December 22, 1998 on The Learning Channel.

The program includes appearances by many noted Shroud researchers and historians, including Donald Lynn, Dr. Alan Whanger, Dr. Harry Gove, Vernon Miller, Professor Daniel Scavone, Mark Guscin, Kevin Moran, Rev. Albert Dreisbach, Avinoam Danin, Uri Baruch and Barrie Schwortz. The beautifully produced documentary takes a close look at the current work being done on the Shroud and provides an excellent review of the cloth's history and its unique features. Whether you are a novice to "sindonology" or you've studied the cloth for years, you will appreciate this serious, unbiased and sincere examination of the current scientific evidence, presented in a very well written, well-paced and informative style. It goes further than most programs in providing the personal insights of some of the world's foremost Shroud scholars. No matter what your opinion of the Shroud's authenticity, you should find this a thought provoking and captivating hour of high quality television.

You can now obtain a VHS copy of "In Pursuit of the Shroud" directly from the Discovery Channel video service by calling 1-800-636-8324. or by sending $19.95 + 3.95 Shipping to:

In Pursuit of the Shroud
P.O. Box 55742
Indianapolis, IN 46205

"The Shroud of Turin: Imprint of Mercy" - 1997, is a 13-part video series offered by The Turin Shroud Center of Colorado featuring Dr. John P. Jackson and Rebecca S. Jackson. The series, originally offered on 3 digitally mastered videotapes, is now available in a NEW 4 - DVD Set (in a "region-free" format for global viewing) known as the Imprint "pack" and sells for $89.99 plus $10.00 for shipping and handling for orders within the U.S. Orders outside the United States, please add $40.00 to the program price.

Videotape sets in NTSC, PAL or SECAM formats are still available, but only by special request. Please contact the Center directly for more information.

Here are the contents of each of the thirteen programs:

Program 1: Introduction to the Shroud
Programs 2 and 3: 1978 testing on the Shroud
Program 4: Carbon 14 and the Shroud
Program 5: The Jewishness of the Shroud
Programs 6 and 7: The New Testament and the Shroud
Programs 8 and 9: Image Formation and the Shroud
Programs 10 and 11: History of the Shroud
Programs 12 and 13: The Significance of the Shroud and "Imprint" Series Wrap-up

Make checks payable to Turin Shroud Center of Colorado (U.S. funds only). Please allow 6 - 8 weeks for delivery. All shipments of "Imprint" will be handled by Alexander Film and Video, Inc. in Colorado Springs, CO, USA.

All proceeds from the sale of "Imprint" DVD's go to the research and education endeavors of the Turin Shroud Center of Colorado, an IRS non-profit organization.

For more information on the series contact:

Turin Shroud Center of Colorado
PO Box 25326
Colorado Springs, CO 80936 USA
Tel: (719)599-5755.

The Silent Witness - 1978, produced and directed by David Rolfe. This now-classic documentary, completed in 1977, was the first in-depth film dedicated to the subject of the Shroud of Turin and won a British Academy Award in 1978. The film recreated in striking detail many important scenes from the Shroud's history, telling the story of the cloth in dramatic and accurate fashion. It was made with the cooperation of the Turin authorities and reflects the extent of Shroud knowledge circa 1977. Videotape and DVD copies of the program are currently available from the distributors listed below. NOTE: As of January 2007, The Silent Witness is AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOADING ONLINE. Visit and click on the Download link for details. Also, read about plans for a new film, The Silent Witness II, coming in the future.

In North America, the 55 minute film is available on DVD directly from the distributor. For pricing and ordering information contact:

Denise Adams
Pyramid Media

In Europe, the film is available directly from the producer.
To order, contact:

David Rolfe
Performance Films
Suite 1, Gregories Court,
Gregories Road, Beaconsfield,
Bucks, HP9 1HQ, UK

Ancient Mysteries: The Shroud of Turin - 1995 (Available from is the story of how scientists in Switzerland, England and America worked to resolve the controversy over the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin, thought by many to be the burial cloth of Jesus. Shreds of evidence take viewers inside laboratories to watch as scientists perform carbon dating and other tests. Also shown for the first time are pieces of the Shroud being cut into specimens for testing. This intriguing detective story covers the painstaking process right up to the moment of truth, when scientists announce their findings.
50 minutes VHS

Jesus and the Shroud of Turin - 1998 (Available from is a Learning Channel documentary, featuring a who's who in international Shroud research, in a good summary of the evidence, issues, and history or recent inquiry. Touching on botany, archaeology, carbon dating, the Sudarium, image analysis, art-history, and the original STURP study, this video includes interviews with Avinoam Danin, Alan Whanger, Vernon Miller, Dr. Harry Gove, and's own Barrie Schwortz. An engaging introduction to a complex topic, suitable for all audiences. (Questar Video, 52 minutes, produced and directed by Reuben Aaronson. Previously released as In Pursuit of the Shroud - 1998, by the Discovery Channel, available from their website).

The Man of Pain - 1998 (Special Order from was the official video of the 1998 Shroud Exhibition. This program includes scenes produced using the new High Definition digital video system and was the only one authorized by the authorities in Turin. This NTSC version is available to viewers in the U.S. and Canada only. Viewers in other countries may order the program in Italian, English and Spanish directly from the Nova-T Website. Nova-T is the company that produced the program.

"The Mysterious Man in the Shroud" - 1997 (Available from is the title of a one hour special that ran on CBS on April 1, 1997. Produced and directed by Terry Landau, whose credits include the PBS series, "The Brain," it was one of the most balanced and accurate, well researched and well presented documentaries on the Shroud ever produced for television. Terry and her fine crew should be congratulated for the beautiful visual quality, superb editing and exquisite graphics that make the program a "must see" for anyone with even a passing interest in the Shroud of Turin. The program runs approximately 48 minutes without commercials.

Mystery of the Sacred Shroud - 1992 (Available from is narrated by Richard Burton and was released on video in 1992, although the program was produced some years prior to that.

Turin Shroud - 1996 (Special Order from No information available. Viewers are welcome to write and submit a synopsis and review.


Sindone Viva (The Living Shroud), is the title of the new Italian Language CD-ROM produced by noted Collegamento pro Sindone members, Emanuela and Maurizio Marinelli and edited by San Paolo Multimedia. Included here is a link to the article on the "Collegamento pro Sindone" page of this website that describes the CD-ROM in detail.

Extraordinary relic of Christ, or clever forgery of the Middle Ages? Down the years scientists from all over the world have to compete with the challenge launched by a mysterious image imprinted on the Shroud - a burial wrapping sheet preserved in Turin for over four centuries. The microscope rummaged among the folds of its fabric, and dusty manuscripts were reopened.

Abounding in an impressive documentation and a vast iconographic apparatus (about 500 pages, 400 images, 17 minutes of audio and 15 minutes of video), this CD-ROM ranges in all the areas of knowledge connected to the enigma of this unique object in the world, and offers the possibility to "navigate" into and explore the mystery of the Shroud. The routes to follow are marked according to four different approaches of study.

Corso Regina Margherita, 2
Phone: +39-11-836744 - Fax: +39-11-888831
Price: £. 99.000 (US$65.00)
ISBN: 88-215-3635-1

The CD-ROM is also available directly via the Internet from the following link:


Radiocarbon Dating the Shroud of Turin, by Remi Van Haelst, was one of the first papers published after the release of the radiocarbon dating of the Shroud in 1988 to scientifically refute the claimed 95% confidence for the mediaeval age of the cloth. Now, ten years later, a reviewed second edition of the booklet is being made available. Participation in the printing and postal costs is 400 Belgian Francs (approximately US$10.00). Orders may be placed by sending your payment, in Belgian Francs only, by international postal order or transfer to PCR. 000--0422191--47 in care of:

Remi Van Haelst
Kerkstraat 68 Bus 4
B 2060 Antwerpen 6
Belgium, Europe

The Shroud of Turin: A Parable for Modern Times? by Thaddeus J. Trenn, was recently published in the Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies. In it, he provides his interesting perspective on the Shroud of Turin and the unique position it holds for both science and religion as he searches for an even deeper meaning to its significance. Mr. Trenn teaches in the science and religion program at Victoria College, University of Toronto, 73 Queen's Park Crescent, Toronto, ON M5S 1K7, Canada

Copies of this paper are available directly from:

Oskar Gruenwald
JIS Volumes from IIR
1065 Pine Bluff Drive
Pasadena, California 91107, USA
JIS Website:

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