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If you do not wish to send the information over the Internet, you may mail or telephone your credit card order to:

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Phone: 719-689-2217
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If you wish to mail your order, use the "Alternate Order Form," fill it in completely and print it out using your laser or inkjet printer. Then just mail the printout. (If you print out this Secure Order Form, it may not fit on the printed page properly and important information will be omitted). If you decide to pay by check, please make check payable to STERA, Inc..

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Shroud Ventral Backlit Transparency in PhotoGlow Frame     Quantity  Transparency(s) x  US$445.00/each = US$

Shroud Dorsal Backlit Transparency in PhotoGlow Frame      Quantity  Transparency(s) x  US$445.00/each = US$

Shroud Small Face Backlit Transparency in PhotoGlow Frame   Quantity  Transparency(s) x  US$270.00/each = US$

Shroud Large Face Backlit Transparency in PhotoGlow Frame  Quantity  Transparency(s) x  US$520.00/each = US$

Miniature Shroud Replica on Cotton Canvas    Quantity  Replica(s) x  US$150.00/each = US$

Lifesize Shroud Face - Fine Art Print                 Quantity  Fine Art Print(s) x  US$175.00/each = US$

Shroud of Turin Lithographic Print Set             Quantity  Print Set(s) x  US$25.00/each = US$

Ray Rogers In His Own Words DVD Video     Quantity  DVD(s) x  US$35.00/each = US$

Barrie Schwortz 35 Years DVD Video               Quantity  DVD(s) x  US$25.00/each = US$

Overseas Shipping

Each item on the Website Store page requires additional charges for shipping outside the continental U.S. Please include the appropriate shipping amounts as indicated in the descriptions provided on the Website Store page. Note that the backlit transparencies in PhotoGlow Frames are currently only available in the continental U.S.

Check if shipping address is outside continental U.S.A.
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