IV Symposium Scientifique
International du CIELT

April 25-26, 2002
Paris, France

On April 25th and 26th, 2002, the International Center for the Study of the Shroud of Turin (CIELT), the largest Shroud study organization in France, sponsored their fourth major symposium. Many researchers from around the world attended the event and presented papers and abstracts regarding current and future Shroud studies. Several of these are now reprinted on this website and we plan to include more in the future. We also apologize for not providing a complete schedule and list of speakers, along with the titles of their papers as we normally do, but we do not have that information available at this moment in time and do not want to delay getting the page online. If anyone can provide us with that information, it would be sincerely appreciated.

The Presentations

Photographic and Computer Studies Concerning the Burn and Water Stains Visible on the Shroud and Their Historical Consequences by Aldo Guerreschi and Michele Salcito

Does the Shroud Body Image Show Any Physical Evidence of Resurrection? by Kevin Moran and Giulio Fanti

More historical and physical evidence for the Holy Shroud; and the record of bloodstains in the Holy Sepulchre and the possibility of a DNA match with the blood on the Shroud by Ian W. Dickinson

The Shroud and the Gospels Among History, Science and Faith - Some epistemological remarks by Alessandro Malantrucco

Bloodstains Characteristics to be Considered in Laboratory Reconstruction of the Turin Shroud by Carlo Brillante, Giulio Fanti and Emanuela Marinelli

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