Photomicrography - Ventral (7)

Map#Description of Data PointOriginal Test Plan or
(Researcher Assigned) ID#*
Slide File#
Overall View
Slide File#
C/U View
1Light Scorch7B8-F-9--
2Image: Right Eye8D8-F-9--
3Image: Tip of Nose--8-F-9--
4Image: Left Eye/Cheek--8-F-9--
5Image: Hair, Blood--8-F-9--
7Image: Stomach--8-F-10--
8Image: Back of Hand--8-F-10--
9Image: Light Body--8-F-10--
10Light Scorch--8-F-10--
11Image: Nose--9-G-5--
13 (& 23)Blood: #3 Mark Dark Area8C9-G-5--
14Image: Forehead--9-G-5--
15Light Scorch7B(15)9-H-9--
16Dark Blood,
Image: Lance Entrance
17Blood/Scorch Intersection6A(17)9-H-9--
19Image: Right Cheek8E(10)9-H-9--
20Image: Nose(9)9-H-9--
21Image: Lips(8)9-H-9--
22Image: Chin(13)9-H-9--
23 (& 13)Blood: #3 Mark Dark Area8C9-H-9--
24Image: Left Cheek(11)9-H-9--
25Image: Hair, Blood(12)9-H-9--
26Light Scorch--9-B-3--

*Some researchers have used an "F" or a "B" after these ID #'s to indicate "Frontal" (Ventral) or "Back" (Dorsal) sides of the Shroud. Researcher-assigned ID #'s are furnished for those data-points not preselected in the original test plan. (1)

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