First International
Holy Shroud Guild Seminar

(The 1996 Esopus Conference)

August 23rd-25th, 1996
Esopus, New York

The Holy Shroud Guild was formed in 1951 by Father Adam Otterbein, C.Ss.R., to promote devotion to and the scientific investigation of the Shroud of Turin. Father Otterbien has been President of the Holy Shroud Guild for 45 years and, along with Father Peter Rinaldi, was instrumental in helping the Shroud of Turin Research Project obtain permission to perform their tests in 1978. Furthermore, he has been a Redemptorist for 60 years, taking his religious vows on August 2, 1936. On August 23-24-25, 1996, he was the honored guest at a gathering of his friends and Shroud of Turin colleagues at the First International Holy Shroud Guild Seminar-Retreat in Esopus, New York. The speakers at the event included original STURP team members Dr. John Jackson, Dr. Alan Adler and Thomas D'Muhala, along with noted Shroud historians Ian Wilson and Dr. Dan Scavone. Other Shroud researchers making presentations included Dr. Alan Whanger, Co-Founder of CSST, Isabel Piczek, internationally known monumental artist and theoretical physicist, and Dorothy Crispino, publisher of Shroud Spectrum International.

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The Presentations

Friday, August 23, 1996

"Updating Recent Studies On the Shroud of Turin" by Dr. Alan Adler

"An Adventure With the Images On the Shroud: An Examination of the Face and Many Non-body Images" by Dr. Alan Whanger

Saturday, August 24, 1996

"The Shroud Of Turin: Critical Analysis of Alternative and Disjunctive Propositions" by Barbara Sullivan

"Discoveries in the Roman Catacombs Relating to the Holy Shroud" by Rex Morgan

"The Shroud in History: Ancient and Modern" by Ian Wilson

"Various Aspects of New Developments on the Shroud of Turin" by Dr. John Jackson and Rebecca Jackson

"Alice In Wonderland and the Shroud of Turin" by Isabel Piczek

"Joseph of Arimathea, the Holy Grail and the Turin Shroud" by Dr. Dan Scavone

"The Fathers of American Sindonology" by Mrs. Dorothy Crispino

"Father Otterbein and Shroud Research" by Kevin Moran

Sunday, August 25, 1996

"Where Do We Go From Here?" by Thomas D'Muhala

"The Disciples On The Road To Turin" by Joseph Marino

"The Wuenschel Collection, Shroud Bibliography and Shroud Incunabulae" by Father Fred Brinkmann, Joan Durand and Richard Orareo

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