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Collegamento pro Sindone

This page was originally designed as the Gateway page to English translations of selected articles originally published in Italian in the excellent publication by Emanuela Marinelli (and many other noted Shroud scholars), Collegamento pro Sindone. Now, in June 2021, Emanuela has agreed to allow us to begin reprinting and publishing the complete archive of the printed issues of this important Italian language publication here on You will now find links to those earlier printed issues in the Archive of Printed Issues section below, and we will continue to add issues until the entire archive is complete. To find out more about the Collegamento pro Sindone organization and the individuals who produce this publication, click on the Italian Flag in the upper right corner of this page. To review the Collegamento pro Sindone Index or to select an article to read in English, just click on the appropriate link in the English Language Translations of Select Articles section below.

Also, you can click here to visit the Collegamento pro Sindone Website. Presented in Italian and English, this beautiful website includes many scientific, theologic and historical articles as well as photographs of the Cathedral and Chapel, a map of geographical areas related to the Shroud, an illustrated Shroud history, an annotated photographic map of the Shroud, links to other Shroud websites and much more. Created and maintained by Maurizio Marinelli, it has grown into one of the most important Shroud websites on the Internet.

The site includes a link to the Marinelli Collection's massive listing of Scientific Articles on the Collegamento's website. This list contains hundreds of entries and is an excellent resource for Shroud researchers when used in conjunction with the "Shroud Booklist" on this website and other information found on the Internet. I am also proud to report that there is now an Italian Translation of the article I presented at the June 1998 Turin Symposium, "The Role of the Internet In The Future of Shroud Research," as well as an English Version on the Collegamento's site.

Collegamento pro Sindone
Archive of Printed Issues 1985 - 2000

Collegamento Pro Sindone Issue #17

  1. CPS - Febbraio 1985
  2. CPS - Marzo 1985
  3. CPS - Aprile 1985
  4. CPS - Maggio 1985
  5. CPS - Giugno 1985
  6. CPS - Settembre 1985
  7. CPS - Ottobre 1985
  8. CPS - Novembre - Dicembre 1985 [Note: This is the first issue of the fully reformatted publication]
  9. CPS - Gennaio - Febbraio 1986
  10. CPS - Marzo - Aprile 1986
  11. CPS - Maggio - Giugno 1986
  12. CPS - Luglio - Agosto 1986
  13. CPS - Settembre - Ottobre 1986
  14. CPS - Novembre - Dicembre 1986
  15. CPS - Gennaio - Febbraio 1987
  16. CPS - Marzo - Aprile 1987
  17. CPS - Maggio - Giugno 1987
  18. CPS - Luglio - Agosto 1987
  19. CPS - Settembre - Ottobre 1987
  20. CPS - Novembre - Dicembre 1987
  21. CPS - Gennaio - Febbraio 1988
  22. CPS - Marzo - Aprile 1988
  23. CPS - Maggio - Giugno 1988
  24. CPS - Luglio - Agosto 1988
  25. CPS - Settembre - Ottobre 1988
    Collegamento Pro Sindone Issue #32
  26. CPS - Novembre - Dicembre 1988
  27. CPS - Gennaio - Febbraio 1989
  28. CPS - Marzo - Aprile 1989
  29. CPS - Maggio - Giugno 1989
  30. CPS - Luglio - Agosto 1989
  31. CPS - Settembre - Ottobre 1989
  32. CPS - Novembre - Dicembre 1989

Collegamento pro Sindone
English Language Translations of Select Articles

Special thanks are extended to Emanuela and Maurizio Marinelli, Ilona Farkas, Silvio Diana and Fr. Luigi Fossati for their contributions of time and energy in making this page possible and to Simona Marinelli for many of the English translations that follow.

A CD-ROM by Emanuela and Maurizio Marinelli

Sindone Viva (The Living Shroud)

This is a description of the new Italian Language CD-ROM produced by noted Collegamento pro Sindone members, Emanuela and Maurizio Marinelli and edited by San Paolo Multimedia. The article also includes a photograph of the package and an order address.

Index From November/December 1985 to November/December 2000

The Collegamento pro Sindone Index

This is a complete list of every article that appeared in the printed publication from 1985 until 2000. The organization ceased producing the printed version at the end of 2000 and all new issues of the magazine will now only be found on the Collegamento pro Sindone Website. The Index listings are arranged both Alphabetically and Annually, so you can search for an article by a particular author or select a specific year to review.

From the January/February 1998 Issue

Proposals for The Shroud of Turin Preservation and Exhibition by Maurizio and Emanuela Marinelli

This article includes several proposals by Maurizio and Emanuela Marinelli for Shroud preservation and exhibition. These proposals have already been sent to the Archbishop of Turin and to the members of the Commission of the Exhibition and suggest ideas that could be incorporated in the new display case being designed to replace the one destroyed by the April 1997 Cathedral fire. The article also includes ten photographs of the prototype built by the Marinellis.

From the November/December 1996 Issue

The Donation of the Shroud to the Holy See by Luigi Fossati

This article describes the events surrounding ex-King Umberto's 1983 bequest of the Shroud of Turin to the Church. Included are transcripts of official statements and written correspondence.

From the September/October 1996 Issue

In Front of the Shroud: Neither Iconoclast Nor Fundamentalist by Orazio Petrosillo

An Italian journalist provides his perspective on the position of the Church regarding the Shroud of Turin.

From the March/April 1996 Issue

Research On Racemic Features of the Old and New Plant Fibers by Silvio Diana and Emanuela Marinelli

The authors propose an evaluation method of textiles antiquity that could be applied to the Shroud. This paper was presented in the Symposium held by CIELT (Centre International d'Études sur le Linceul de Turin) in Rome - June 10th-12th 1993.

From the November/December 1994 Issue

Remembrance of the 1898 Exhibition by Fr. Luigi Fossati.

This article provides insight into the 1898 event and the impact it had on Shroud science, as well as a closer look at some of the first Shroud researchers. It includes two photographs.

From the September/October 1994 Issue

Photographing the Holy Shroud During the 1898 Exhibition by Luigi Fossati

This excellent article includes eleven illustrations and tells the story of Secondo Pia, the man who made the first photograph of the Shroud of Turin and provided science with the first serious clues to the unique properties of the image. Several of Pia's photographs accompany the article. Also included in its entirety is Pia's only written account of his own work, a letter written to a publisher in 1907 titled, "Memory".

From the September/October 1994 Issue

The Shroud Chapel Is Three Hundred Years Old by Emanuela Marinelli

This article describes the history, design and construction of the Shroud Chapel, a beautiful domed masterpiece of art and architecture. Included is a color photograph of the Chapel showing the black marble altar in which the Shroud is kept.

From the November/December 1991 Issue

The Statue of the Shroud of Turin by Gyula Pauer by László Beke - Tamás St. Auby - Ilona Farkas

This article describes a unique sculpture of the Shroud created by a Hungarian artist and includes ventral and dorsal photographs.

From the November/December 1988 Issue

The Bloody Icon by Emanuela Marinelli

Noted Shroud researcher's 1988 point of view on the use of the term "icon" for the Shroud.

From the October/November 1988 Issue

The Data and the Date by Emanuela Marinelli

Noted Shroud researcher's 1988 point of view on the carbon dating.

Click to view a List of Books by Emanuela Marinelli and other authors. Editions are available in seven different languages. Included for each is the publisher's address and a photograph of the cover.

Entire contents of this page Copyright 1985-2021 Collegamento pro Sindone, All Rights Reserved

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