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The Shroud in Cyberspace...

A new era in Shroud communications has been opened up! Until very recently your Editor was one of that still great majority of us for whom 'The Internet' represented just another of the latest communications wonders too complex to be grasped by the non-technologically-minded. However, thanks to Netscape software and excellent server facilities provided by the University of Queensland, I have become hooked up from my home computer. A local computer-whiz-kid sorted out the final frustrating technical glitches that every newcomer is likely to find, and hey presto, the most incredible resource has become opened up.

And as every Shroudie newcomer to the World Wide Web discovers soon enough, the Shroud is extremely well represented out there in cyberspace. Tap in 'Turin Shroud' in a search engine (like yahoo or webcrawler), and information on literally dozens of sites, albeit of widely varying quality, opens up. Dr.Walter McCrone is there. The latest work of the Oxford Research Laboratory can be looked up. Another worthy Shroud site is one by Nelson Pacheco. But particularly outstanding is STURP photographer Barrie Schwortz's site.
Click on any area of the full-length photograph of the Shroud that Barrie provides, and dependent on the resolution to which your computer is set (mine is 256), it is possible to study a small area of the Shroud in full colour in very worthwhile detail. Additionally Barrie has provided pages of information and links to other sites, but particularly moving is his personal welcome to every newcomer to his facility. This reads:

Dear Guest...

It is hoped that when Barrie Schwortz's CD-ROM is ready copies of this may be purchased by the Society from the Image Fund, as this will provide an exceptional facility for detailed study of any aspect of the Shroud image itself, and related photographic documentation.

E-Mail Numbers

BSTS members wishing to send articles and letters to the Editor via e-mail are very welcome to do so, using the address:

This can be particularly helpful for long articles, saving much unnecessary re-typing.

Other e-mail numbers that may be useful to serious Shroud researchers are:

Dr. August Accetta (founder of the new Shroud Center of Southern California):

Dr. Nicholas Peter Leigh Allen (Port Elizabeth Technikon, South Africa, author of a hypothesis on the photographic creation of the Shroud):;

Fr. Fred Brinkmann (Fr.Adam Otterbein's successor at the Holy Shroud Guild): ;

Dr. Leoncio Garza-Valdes (University of Texas): ;

Dr.John and Rebecca Jackson (founders of the Turin Shroud Center of Colorado):;

Chris Jones (the BSTS member who is a 'webmaster' and designed the BSTS web pages for the Internet): ;

Dr. Walter McCrone:;

Nelson Pacheco (author of the already-mentioned useful Shroud site on the Internet):;

Dr. Dan Scavone (foremost American historian of the Shroud):;

Dr. Alan Whanger (developer of the polarised overlay technique for studying Shroud images):

Any other Shroud researchers wishing to make their e- mail numbers known to others should e-mail these to the editor and a similar list will appear in the next Newsletter. Also any corrections necessary to the above!

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